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  • Join the battle for Star Command


    Star Command is the most coveted ship in the galaxy. The Federation Troopers and the Alliance of Commandos will meet for the for the deciding battle.


    Who will win control of the sector's primary hub and claim Star Command as their own?


  • About Star Command

    Star Command in Whitechapel is London's premium lasertag venue. Based just a few minutes walk from Whitechapel Underground, Star Command stays true to lasertag of the past with rave style ultra-violet lighting and space age tunes as you battle it out to be the victor.


    This is available for children and adults alike. The arena accommodates up to 20 players at any given time. You can hire the whole arena for 20 minutes or an hour, or simply turn up and play. Call us on 0330 333 8085 to find out more.

  • Prices

    20 Minute Sessions

    Pre-book: £11 per person

    turn up and play: £13 per person

    Each 20 minute session is up to 25 players only. We recommend booking in advance, but we do offer turn up and play subject to availability.

    1 Hour Sessions

    £26 per person

    Hour sessions must be pre-booked with us and have between 20 and 25 players.

    Off Peak

    Pre-book: £8 per person

    Turn up and play: £10 per person

    1 hour sessions: £20 per person

    Off peak includes Mondays & Tuesdays only. Bank Holidays are not counted as off peak. 1 hour sessions with off peak price still must be pre-booked.

    Under 16 & Student

    £6.50 per person

    This is for Monday to Fridays only, between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. This is for the 20 minute session only. Bank Holidays are not included. Students are required to show ID at the Command Centre.

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  • Party Packages

    We offer 3 set party packages for kids. But, if you don't find something that suits you're needs, we can create the party for you. Just contact our team.

    Satellite Party Package

    £26 per person

    For smaller groups of 10-19 players.


    It includes:

    20 minutes of laser tag

    Star Command cake

    Cheese & Tomato pizza


    1 soft drink per person

    1 Star Command party bag per person


    This package is available for an off peak price of £21.50 per person Mon-Fri between 3pm and 6pm.


    Cosmic Party Package

    £31 per person

    For groups of 20+ only.


    This package includes:

    1 hour of laser tag

    30 minutes before or after your session in our party room

    1 soft drink per person

    Star Command cake or cheese & tomato pizza

    Galactic Party Package

    £41 per person

    For groups of 20+ only


    This is our premium party package. It includes:

    1 hour of laser tag

    30 minutes after your game in our party room

    Cheese & tomato pizza


    1 soft drink per person

    1 Star Command party bag per person

    Star Command cake

  • Other Arenas

    Ultimate Recreation, the team behind Star Command Laser Tag, has two other arenas in London.


    Bunker 51 in North Green, themed as a military bunker, and The Village Whitechapel, located in the same building as Star Command.

    Bunker 51

    An underground bunker that would make Winston Churchill proud.


    Located in near north Greenwich, Bunker 51 is an underground bunker themed activity centre.


    We have two arenas at Bunker 51 which can easily accommodate 50 people at anyone time which makes it the biggest laser tag arena in London.


    For ages 6 and up only. Each group must have an adult over 18 with them.


    Run in hourly sessions.


    Find out more here.

    The Village Whitechapel

    The Village Whitechapel is our secret arena hidden away behind Star Command Laser Tag.


    This entirely immersive arena is a multi-level arena themed as a village center complete with police station, pub and church.


    To find out more or to book for The Village Whitechapel, call our team on 0330 333 8085. For maximum of twenty players at any time.


  • Laser Lates: Lost City


    This is a pop-up event running in The Village Whitechapel, the secret arena behind Star Command Laser Tag. This event is strictly 18+.


    Remember that absolute baller of a 9th birthday you had at laser tag all those years ago?

    Well the time has come to re-live it.


    Step into a lost city of derelict buildings and macabre graveyards, where your mission is simple.


    ...to destroy the enemy.


    Take shelter in an old church, hide in an abandoned bar or take refuge in a disused building - just do what you can to win, and more importantly, to stay in the game.


    Ditching the UV lights and creepy stewards of the past, Laser Tag: Lost City promises all the retro fun of the humble game of laser tag, but this time is hosted from a creepy east London space fronting churches, pubs, a pie shop, graveyards, alleyways and all manner of buildings for you to hide in/shoot from.


    All the buildings and areas are open to explore, including a specially created 'Ten Bells Pub' (the iconic East London boozer); all you have to do is shoot as many as your enemies as possible in the allotted time.


    So shoot straight.



    20 guests per session. Feel free to book out two slots if you wish to play for more than 20 minutes.

  • Contact Us

    If you'd like to book or hear more about packages, then please don't hesitate to get in contact with us!


    We're always glad to help where we can.

    22-36 Raven Row
    E1 2EG
    Mon-Fri: 3.00pm to 10.00pm
    Sat-Sun: 10.00am to 10.00pm

    We open earlier for private bookings.
    0330 333 8085